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Robinsons Earp on radar

Those outside of the Centex area may not be familiar with Carson Earp of Robinson. Earp is becoming known in recruiting circles and is flying on the radar of many schools.
Earp, the 6-foot-4, 195 quarterback, completed 268 passes on 484 attempts for 3700 total yards and 37 touchdowns last season. Earp is known as a tough athlete and doubles as a linebacker for the Rockets. Earp's dad is Craig Earp, defensive coordinator for the Rockets.
Robinson Head Coach Tommy Allison said "It's our belief that Carson will be one of the best quarterbacks in the state in 2012."
Trying to dig up evidence to suggest Coach Allison might be wrong is hard to do. Not only is Earp gifted with a strong accurate arm, he has great footwork and decent speed for a kid his size.
Though Carson has yet to reel in any FBS offers, he is getting some looks from Houston, Iowa State, Memphis, North Texas, SMU, and Wake Forrest. If you get a chance to see Carson Earp in person or on film, you will quickly realize that he isn't a diamond in the rough, just one that might be buried a little deeper down than the bigger names in the Metroplex and Houston areas.
Besides, with a name like Earp, he has to be somewhat of a gunslinger at heart.