Houston Madison QB Vincent Young Scouting Report

Vincent Young (dual-threat quarterback)
Command of the game: Young is obviously the leader of the Madison
team. He’s the one directing the action, he’s the one the team turns to when

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they need a big play. He definitely has command of his team. As for
decision-making, specifically in the passing game, he seems to make the
instinctively correct decisions but he doesn’t get the repetitions to fully
develop that portion of his game. When it comes to decision-making on the option
or in the open-field, he has the knack to make it happen. He gets five out of
five for command of his team and a score of one for development in the
intricacies of the game itself – he has a long way to go in this regard, but
he definitely has the physical and mental tools to make it happen. Grade: 6
Arm: Young has a strong arm. It’s live enough for him to throw the
deep balls and the out routes. It’s not a Michael Bishop cannon but it’s
certainly not a rainbow either. Grade: 8
Accuracy: Young has nice touch on the short balls. He’s accurate
whether sitting in the pocket or on the roll, which is something he does very
well going to either his left or his right. The only thing holding Young back in
this regard is the lack of repetitions. Madison is a run-oriented team and it’s
hard for Young to get into the flow of the game. Grade: 8
Size and Durability: Young is a very imposing looking figure on the
football field. He is at least 6-foot-5. He also is starting to thicken his
frame from the last two years. He has the big-time size that is considered ideal
in a quarterback and his durability is also very good. He hasn’t missed a game
in three years for an injury of any sort, despite the facts that Madison is
predominantly a running team and that Young is the guy with the target on his
back each week. Grade: 10
Athleticism/mobility/savvy: Mix together agility, quickness, speed and
play-making ability and all of the other hard-to-quantify but easy to discern
qualities and that’s where athleticism, mobility and savvy come in. Young
could easily play another position on the college level. But his athleticism at
the quarterback position gives him another dimension. He has strong
improvisation skills and he has the extra something mentally that others just
notice about him. Grade: 9
Total: 41 out of 50
Young is brimming with raw talent. He also seems to have the intangibles.
If he gets into the right situation, he could become a great quarterback,
someone we hear about for years to come. If you’re looking for a comparison,
the one that might be fitting is Aaron Brooks. Young is athletic and
strong-armed and is learning more and more each week.
He has a long way to go before he can reach his full development, but that is
all in his own hands and in the college program he decides to choose.