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Early prediction from noted Wildcater

Euless Trinity (11-0) vs. Plano (10-1), 5 p.m., Saturday, Texas Stadium
Last year's 30-27 double overtime win for Trinity over Plano was one for the ages, especially the last two minutes of regulation and the overtimes.
Trinity had the game won, inexplicably ran a play and fumbled. Plano tied the game and then had it won in overtime, facing a third-and-two at the five down 27-24 with Rex Burkhead in the backfield. Plano ran a sweep to Burkhead, who had twisted an ankle a few plays earlier, instead of running it right at Trinity in what should have been four-down territory. Plano settled for a field goal and lost on one in double overtime.
I'm not sure this year's teams are as good as last year's. Plano is still explosive on offense, but not as good on defense. Trinity is just as good on defense, but on offense looks to have lost some of its explosiveness. Cedar Hill coach Joey McGuire, who played Trinity this year, said the Trojans may just be scoring what they need to score.
A Wills concern: Wildcats playing Burkhead and Lott on defense already
Plano coaches said all you need to know about the confidence they have in their defense by playing star offensive players Rex Burkhead and Kris Lott on defense, risking injuries in the playoff opener against Duncanville, won by the Wildcats, 42-15.
That's how desperate the Wildcats are on defense, especially at the linebacker position. Now, it's probably the right move, and it could be the difference in helping Plano overcome Trinity.
Burkhead will be more comfortable at middle linebacker this week, and district rival coaches have long thought Burkhead would be the best defensive player in the area if he played on that side of the ball. If Plano can stick to the ground game against Trinity, and run it effectively, they will control the game and upset the Trojans.
Plano has the motivation of revenge. I think that will be the deciding factor.
Plano 27, Trinity 14 .....