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2010 All-District: 4-5A

Record-setters and dozens of major college prospects highlight the All-District 4-5A selections which featured several of the state's top programs.
Arlington Sam Houston's prolific quarterback Jamal Turner was named the 4-5A MVP in a vote of coaches. He rushed for 1,888 yards with 35 rushing touchdowns as the Nebraska dual-threat quarterback committed shattered several Arlington ISD records.
He also passed for 1,551 yards and eight touchdowns.
Offensive Player of the Year Danzel Williams and Oklahoma commit rushed for 1,659 yards and 30 touchdowns. Arlington junior running back Taverrean Dickerson was a first-team selection after rushing for 1,584 yards and 21 touchdowns and established himself as one of the top prospects for 2012.
Another top '12 prospect is Bowie RB Russell Hansbrough who rushed for 950 yards.
Bowie junior quarterback Kolby Listenbee rushed for 858 yards to help lead Bowie back to the state playoffs.
Martin coach Bob Wager was named Coach of the Year while Martin's Purdue commit quarterback Russell Bellomy led the Warriors to the Class 5A Division I regional semifinals before Martin was ousted by Euless Trinity before an overflow crowd of 15,000 at UTA's Maverick Stadium.
MVP Jamal Turner, Sr. Sam Houston
Offensive Player of the Year Danzel Williams, Sr. Martin
Defensive Player of the Year Jaquirous Sanders, Sr. Bowie
Offensive Newcomer of the Year Kolby Listenbee, Bowie
Defensive Newcomer of the Year Kyle Hicks, So. Martin
Special Teams Player of the Year Aaron Stafford Sr. Paschal
Coach of the Year Bob Wager
Tackle Damon Martin -Sr-Arlington
Tackle Chaz Fulton -Sr-Martin
Tackle James Floyd -Sr-Paschal
Guard Tony Morales -Sr-Sam Houston
Guard Alfredo Morales -Sr-Sam Houston
Guard Daniil Lynseko -Sr-Arlington
Center Daireck Hicks -So-Arlington
Quarterback Russell Bellomy -Sr-Martin
Running Back Tavarreon Dickerson -Jr-Arlington
Running Back Russell Hansbrough -Jr-Bowie
Fullback Steven Caldwell -Sr-Martin
Receiver Mike Reynolds -Sr-Bowie
Receiver Tracy Smith -Sr-Lamar
Receiver Wesley Hawthorne Sr Martin
Receiver Kameel Jackson -Sr-Sam Houston
Tight End Deryck Gildon -Sr-Martin
Kicker Ben Grogan -So-Martin
Tackle Hank Chapman -Sr- Lamar
Tackle Tristan Berkley -Sr- Weatherford
Tackle Daniel Montiel -Jr- Arlington
Guard Jeremiah Robbins -Jr-Arlington
Guard Jimmy Hopkins -Sr-Lamar
Center Matt Avalos -Sr-Sam Houston
Quarterback Miles Onyegbule -Sr-Arlington
Running Back Andrew Alvarado-So-Sam Houston
Running Back Jake Bartels -Jr- Weatherford
Fullback Deron Davis -Sr- Arlington
Receiver Dee Toliver -Sr-Arlington
Receiver Brad Bader -Sr-Lamar
Receiver David Fox -Sr-North Crowley
Kicker Jose Jara -Jr-Bowie
Tackle Demonte Hood -Jr-Bowie
Tackle Chudi Njeako -Sr-Lamar
End Devonte Fields -Jr-Martin
End Michael Amaefula -Sr-Bowie
Linebacker Paris Watson -Jr-Lamar
Linebacker Cameron Williams -Jr-Martin
Linebacker Laderice Sanders-Sr-Arlington
Safety Eric Amoako -Jr-Martin
Safety Devonta Burns -Sr-Martin
Safety Devonte Walls -Sr-Bowie
Corner Ryan Pollard -Sr-Martin
Corner Robert Zenon -Jr-Bowie
Punter Trooper Reynolds -Jr-Weatherford
Wesley Hawthorne -Sr-Martin
Tackle Mason Mclaughlin -Sr-Martin
Tackle Tanner White -Sr-Weatherford
End Edrick Austin -Sr-North Crowley
End Tamarkey Smith -Sr-Lamar
Linebacker Nathaniel Taylor -Sr-North Crowley
Linebacker Deandre Wilson -Jr-Lamar
Linebacker A.J. Jubain -Sr- Martin
Safety Dustin Donaldson -Sr-Weatherford
Safety Tim Ochola -Jr-Arlington
Safety Demetrius Holland -Sr-North Crowley
Safety Barry Ward -Sr-Lamar
Corner Brian Johnson -Sr-Arlington
Corner Cody Redrick -Sr-Lamar
Punter Crawford Sullins -Sr-Lamar
Punter Chris Turner -Jr-Martin
Honorable Mention Offense:
Dylan Crow - North Crowley, Devin Freeman - North Crowley, A.J. Hartfield - North Crowley, Latrail Scott -Sr- Arlington, Luis Cardoso -Sr- Arlington, Trooper Reynolds -Jr- Weatherford, Dominique Ravanell -Sr- Paschal, Daniel Reiling -Jr- Paschal Iganous Osando -Sr- Sam Houston, Lekeith Smith -Sr- Sam Houston, Nicholi Roper -Sr- Sam Houston Steven Baggett -Sr- Martin, Clint Wells -Sr- Lamar, Will Boyette -Sr- Lamar, Friankie Okafor -Sr- Lamar Demetrius Ransom -Sr- Lamar, Nick Cooper -Sr- Lamar, Greg Brown -So- Lamar, Nick Taylor -Sr- Lamar Conor Barry -Sr- Lamar
Honorable Mention Defense:
Derrian Johnson - North Crowley, Dexter Holmes -Sr- Arlington, Gavin Hawbaker -Sr- Arlington, Curtis Doublas -Jr-Arlington, Zach Thomas -Sr- Weatherford, Joe Ward -Sr- Weatherford, Tyler Weaver -Sr- Weatherford, Alfredo Retana -So- Paschal, John Weiss -Sr- Paschal Michael Moreno -Sr- Sam Houston, Russell Perkins -Sr- Sam Houston, Ty Smalley -So- Martin, Matt Waller -So- Martin, Blade Rose -Sr- Lamar, Chris Sarkissian -Sr- Lamar, Semaj Harris -Jr- Lamar
District 4-5A Final Records, District Record
Arlington Martin 10-3, 7 0
Arlington Bowie 7-4, 6 1
Arlington 7-4, 5- 2
Arlington Lamar 5-6, 4 3
Arlington Sam Houston 4-6, 3- 4
North Crowley 2-8, 2-5
Weatherford 1-9, 1-6
Fort Worth Paschal 1-9, 0-7