2001 Top Offensive Backfield in Texas

Houston Madison- QB Vincent Young, RB Courtney Lewis, RB Marquis Robinson
Houston Madison has truly a very talented and athletic backfield. They feature All-American QB Vincent Young who is a threat to run the ball and pass it. Last year he finished 5th in the district with 802 yards rushing on 101 carries for 14 touchdowns. Passing the ball he totaled 1259 yards while completing 63 of 115 passes for 14 touchdowns. The explosive duo of of Courtney Lewis and Marquis Robinson acocunted for 1337 yards rushing while sharing time with the district's 3rd leading rusher in Corey Taulton. Courtney had 880 yards and 13 td's on 95 carries, while adding 7 receptions for 129 yards and 3 touchdowns. Marquis had 497 yards rushing and 9 td's on just 43 carries, a 11.56 yard per carry average. For those reasons we list the backfield of Houston Madison HS THE TOP OFFENSIVE BACKFIELD IN THE STATE OF TEXAS!!
ALDINE EISENHOWER- QB Rickey Murphy, RB Edgar Miller, FB Derrick Gilford
AUSTIN WESTLAKE- QB Chad Schroeder, RB Scott Ballew
CHINA SPRING- QB Shawn Bell, RB Lance Luedeker, RB Jason Harris
CRANE- QB Chris Acosta, RB Corey Aguilar, RB Harold Jeffrey
DEER PARK- QB Austin Flynn, RB Clayton Rainer
EP PARKLAND- QB Mike Stephenson, RB Shawn Jordan, RB Carlos Cariilo
GONZALES- QB Dane King, RB Sedrick Braimer, RB Scotty Upshaw
JERSEY VILLAGE- QB Micah Sweats, TB Selvin Young
KEMPNER- QB Marc Lawson, RB Dominique Owens, RB Jonathan Denmon
LUFKIN- QB Reggie McNeal, RB Terry Williams
NORTH SHORE- QB Willie Gaston, RB Harrell Ester, RB Kevin Moore
PERRYTON- QB Cuyler Dear, TB Matt Appelhans, RB Cody Mettill
RIO GRAND CITY- QB Alonzo Pena, TB Jorge Gonzalez
SA HARLANDALE- QB Toby Korrodi, RB Roger Villa
SA MARSHALL- QB Jeremy Young, RB Daniel Jolly
SINTON- QB Adrian Alaniz, RB Julian Ruiz, RB Marcus Charles
SMITHSON VALLEY- QB Laron Bybee, TB Clint Haney
VICTORIA MEMORIAL- TB Ron Thomas, FB Herschel Rhodes
THE COLONY- QB Justin Allgood, RB Quinton Broussard
THE WOODLANDS- QB Ben Barton, RB Chris Easley